Are you confused about all of the hoopla over Social Media? I know I was!

I went kicking and screaming into this new world. I really questioned whether it made business sense to spend the time and money to figure all this out.

Fortunately, a colleague of mine took a course from a leading Social Media “guru” who explained the possibilities of this new frontier. After a few conversations he convinced me that I needed to give it a shot. Boy, am I glad he did!

As I embarked on this effort I was still very skeptical. I made a commitment to immerse myself for 1 month in a serious effort to see if it was worth a long term investment. Little did I know that I would discover the future of marketing…

Please understand, I am not a purported “Social Media Expert,” just making money by selling my marketing expertise. I am a real business owner who happened to figure this stuff out on my own, for my own business purposes.

We work with hundreds of small business owners all over the world and are blessed to be highly thought of in our leadership position in our industry. I knew that most of the people I interact with were in a similar position as I was regarding Social Media. I felt a real duty to figure this stuff out so I could gain firsthand knowledge of what it takes to succeed- before I recommended, (much less taught) anything on the subject.

So, my adventure began…

What I discovered absolutely boggled my mind! Here was an opportunity to reach thousands (now tens of thousands) of target customers with a minimum investment (we started by investing all of $100!)…AND (here’s a HUGE part of the story) with VERY little time commitment! It’s true; you don’t have to spend a ton of time on your marketing efforts!

This was absolutely my biggest concern going in. There was NO WAY I was going to spend hours each day working on this. Now I know you don’t have to! We have figured out a way to put all of our marketing efforts on autopilot! And you can too!

The key to all this is that we have figured all of this out so you don’t have to!

We got so excited by the possibilities with Social Media that we decided to share what we learned with our community of students around the world. Now, we are opening this special course to other business owners who want to capitalize on this amazing opportunity.

You will learn exactly how we did it. We will walk you through the very same steps we used to gain thousands upon thousands of contacts, fans, and followers (we’ll explain what all this means). We will do this in real time with our state of the art webinar system so you can see exactly how to do it.

You will follow along and build your marketing machine during the class! That’s right, this is not just an academic “how to” course. You will follow along and do the exact steps we did as you progress through the class. By the end of the class you will have all the tools, strategies, and methodologies that you need to build and sustain a robust Social Media strategy…and with very little effort going forward!

Here is what you will learn:
  • Why you should use Social Media. The data that is driving everyone to this medium.
  • How to gain thousands of followers in mere days (It’s true! We’ll show you how we gained our first thousand contacts in our first 48 hours!).
  • Why LinkedIn is a goldmine for business owners. Why EVERY business owner should be in LOVE with it!
  • Discover why Facebook is now THE place for businesses and how to turn “Friends” into buyers.
  • How Twitter can be your single biggest source of web traffic. Yes Twitter. (I wouldn’t have believed this in a million years, but our statistics prove it!).
  • How you can automate your entire Social Media efforts (It just takes us minutes each day!).
  • Discover how to do all these things for under $100! Did I mention ZERO costs going forward?...
In short, you will come away with all that you need to start and build an incredible Social Media strategy, just like we did. It is an investment that will keep reaping many benefits for years to come.

Class overview:
  • 5, one hour webinars.
  • Access to our world class virtual training center where all class recordings, notes, homework, etc. reside. This is also where you will interact with other people in the course- sharing additional ideas, networking and growing together.
  • All class video and audio recordings are available the same day so you can review them again and again. And, YES, you can do the course virtually on your schedule if you like!
  • Homework. You will need to spend at least an additional 1 hour between classes in order to maximize your experience and outcomes.
  • Additional Costs: You will need to spend approximately $100 during the course for one membership site along with one software program (we are not affiliated with these firms but use them ourselves and thus know them and recommend them with no compensation).
I truly wish I had known about this a year ago. I do know that I feel very fortunate that things have happened as they have. I know that you will come away with solid tools and strategies that will help your business tremendously.

The time is now to jump in. I do hope you will join us on this amazing journey of discovery and success!



A. Drayton Boylston
Mentor Coach
Founder, Rescue Institute and The Boylston Group


(You’ll learn how to use these cool logos to market your business too!)

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