A Whisper From Your Soul™

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A Whisper FromYour Soul

We all need to heed the messages from our Souls. With all the hustle and bustle in our lives, this quiet (yet oh so vital) voice needs to be truly heard and nurtured. It is the source of all wisdom.

Through a collection of brief thoughts delivered via email our desire is to help you tap into what you already have- a voice that loves you and wants the very best for you. Truly, A Whisper From Your Soul©.

These messages started as thoughts on Twitter that have now been read by tens of thousands of followers. We have been blessed to be in the top 1.5% of all retweeted messages. We took this as an indication that our messages are resonating with many like souls. With this as our inspiration, we wanted to offer these thoughts to as many people as we could. Thus, A Whisper From Your Soul© was born.

Thought provoking, spiritual (but not religious), challenging, and inspiring, these thoughts will help you stop for a brief moment and focus on what is truly important- universal messages that we all need to heed.

Please join us as we work to help bind this planet together, soulfully, one message at a time. We would be honored if you would help us spread the word as well. After all, the more people we have thinking good thoughts and doing good deeds the faster we can heal our collective souls!

The scribe behind the Whispers…A. Daryton Boylston

While I appear to be the “voice” here, we all know that is not the case. I simply get messages from my soul, just like you do. I am purely a conduit for universal truths that belong to us all.

What I know is that we all have access to the same messages. It’s just a matter of when we choose to hear them. My hope is that you will choose to hear them now. These reminders will hopefully unlock the voice of your soul so that its messages permeate your being with its wisdom and truths.

I look forward to hearing how your journey evolves. From my soul to yours- with many blessings,

A. Drayton Boylston

Curious about my soul’s story? Here it is.

 A Whisper FromYour Soul

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*Messages will arrive once a week and only take seconds to read.
        The notes are short and emphasize only the message, nothing more.
     Simple, uncluttered and straightforward- just as Your Soul wants it!


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                                           Some sample messages from Your Soul:

To live a life in service is the highest calling. ~Y.S.

Shift judgments to curiosities...magic will happen! ~Y.S.

Love every lesson you learn for each of them builds upon the other. ~Y.S.

When we truly love ourselves, we are able to fully love others. ~Y.S.

Forgive yourself first...then forgiveness will flow to others. ~Y.S.

We, not they, is the only way! ~Y.S.

What would people say at your eulogy? Live your life from your eulogy backwards. ~Y.S.

If you are ever feeling without, just go quiet, and look within. ~Y.S.

Bless the unknown. As you raise your foot for your next step, smile, knowing that the path has already been laid. ~Y.S.

In giving, we get. It's all a big boomerang... What we put out there we get back. ~Y.S.

Light the path of others in order to illuminate your own. ~Y.S.

List 10 things you are grateful for before you get out of bed each morning. You'll be amazed at how your day brightens. ~Y.S.

Challenge = teacher. ~Y.S.